July 16, 2009

Questions about Greek Mythology

Did the Greek gods die out with the Ancient Greeks? Can a god die, or are Zeus and Hera and all the others trapped in some silent oblivion, waiting to be brought back to relevant existence? Does a god only exist as long as someone believes in it, or is a god larger than the human imagination? At some point in history, people believed in Aphrodite, Poseidon, Hermes. Were these gods infallible? Immortal? And if so, are they, as real gods, now trapped in some nameless, invisible space by modern culture, even as their stories are widely known and studied in literature? Can they see us? Do they know our opinions of them? Do they experience sadness or loneliness or anger when they think about their irrelevance in today's world? Or maybe they are gone, completely and forever.

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