June 19, 2008

Bleeding tongue!

I burnt my tongue really badly on some hot soup a couple days ago, and it has been hurting a lot, and I just went to brush my teeth and MY TONGUE IS BLEEDING. Like, there are little dots of blood all over my tongue where my taste buds used to be. It's not just red; I am actually spitting out blood. Sorry, this is a really gross entry. I'm just really freaked out!

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June 16, 2008

Stages of Tiredness

3 Stages of Julia Tiredness:

Stage 1: Find it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks, e.g. tagging photos on facebook.
Stage 2: Start seeing phantom bugs crawling on the walls and across the floor.
Stage 3: Begin to empathize with inanimate objects. For example, feeling bad for contact lens case because it looks like it is in an uncomfortable position.

It is at stage 3 that sleep is most imperative.

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