February 27, 2008


The ups and downs of February:

1. Having no money
2. Dog at the house where I babysit pooping ALL over the house
3. Working Saturdays
4. Seriously, MORE snow??

1. Making popcorn on the stove
2. Working on a challenging jigsaw puzzle
3. Blue Moon
4. Watching Daily Show/Colbert every night
5. Sleepovers and tea parties
6. Lunar eclipse

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February 8, 2008


I'm not going to drink pop for a while. I'll just see how long I can do it. It makes me feel so unhealthy when I drink it, and it tastes so salty and makes me more thirsty. And it kind of freaks me out to subject my body to so many mysterious chemicals cloaked in brown, carbonated bliss. This has nothing to do with caffeine consumption. I'm currently enjoying a latte, and my addiction is as strong as ever. ; )

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February 5, 2008


Today I discovered something more miserable than being stuck in rush hour traffic:

Being stuck in rush hour traffic with three whiny children in your car.

If you have never doubted that you want to have children, become a part-time nanny for a few weeks. That's all it takes. I realized today that the person I become when I'm nannying is a sad, bitter old woman, hoarse from yelling and exhausted beyond normal human capacity. Today I was that woman, stuck in rush hour traffic, with one kid kicking my seat whining that he was boooored and the other two yelling their heads off, and all I could do was repeat in a tired, pleading voice, "please try to be quiet in the car, guys" and thinking about how if I ever have kids, I will have to deal with this for more than just a few hours each day and wondering if maybe I wouldn't feel so frustrated if they were my own kids because I would somehow inherently love them at all times and think their shrill whining was cute. Okay, I was a little cranky today, but I was so tired from yelling at them all afternoon to stop throwing snowballs at the house and get away from the street and finish your homework and no, I said NO more cookies and only say positive things to each other and it's quiet homework time, so don't make any noise right now and no tv until your room is clean and stop screaming in the house and don't say that word and go outside if you're going to roughhouse, that I just couldn't take it any more. So, I've decided that I'm not going to have kids until I'm so bored with life that I want to subject myself to all of that for a non-stop, year-round shift without a paycheck.

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