July 23, 2006

Canoeing Highlights!

Highlights of the canoeing trip:
1. Stopping on the river to eat ham and cheddar sandwiches and barbeque chips
2. Forgetting about the time change in Indiana and having to do the 4-mile “mini” trip instead of the 11-mile trip
3. Drunken Hoosiers singing “Tomorrow” from Annie, the Banana Boat song, and “Who Let the Dogs Out” while tubing down the river
4. The time a gigantic bug landed on my elbow and it looked like a frog and I tried to grab it and it flew away and I freaked out and made a weird noise and accidentally threw my paddle
5. Mr. Imp, the dirty bucket and the soapy water bottle
6. Getting stuck on the rocks in shallow water while trying to avoid the undertow that, according to the bus lady, would take our canoe underwater and keep it there for 45 minutes
7. Beef stick related nausea
8. The woman who was encouraging a 3 year old girl to go ahead and get in the water right next to a “no wading or swimming – drownings have occurred” sign
9. Sore arms and shoulders that were totally worth it
10. Listening to my new playlist which is not yet a CD during the car ride : )

Great weekend. Canoeing was so much fun and full of excitement and adventures! It was definitely one of the best trips I have been on in a long time.

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July 18, 2006

Check it Out: 3

Check it Out:
1. Eggo Homestyle waffle topped with just butter
2. Eggo Homestyle waffle topped with cinnamon applesauce
3. Eggo Homestyle waffle topped with crunchy peanut butter

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I'm really annoyed right now by jerks and bitches. What makes people want to be jerks and bitches anyway? Why are so many of them currently plaguing my friends? I’m specifically mad at three recent jerks/bitches (and one big ass momma bitch from a few years ago who I will personally kick in the face if I meet her). I know that these people haven’t done anything bad to me specifically, but why are they so mean to my friends? Does it give them pleasure to make people cry? It makes me so angry. Maybe this makes me a bad person, but whatever. And I'm well aware that by ranting about bitches I kind of sound like a bitch. But I'm not hurting anyone. Unless I run into any of those people any time soon, in which case they better watch out because I’m going to punch them in the head.

"If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the head. Oh sure, it seems obvious now, but you'd be amazed at how many people don't think of it when it's relevant. Seriously, just punch them in the head. And then go get some ice cream."
-R.M. Weiner


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July 17, 2006

Check it Out: 5

Check it Out:
1. Cheesy Gordita Crunch
2. "Two Wuv" - Tally Hall
3. Cottage cheese with black pepper on it
4. Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
5. Eucerin Intensive Care Hand Creme

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put your slippers on instead and live forever

The end of the summer is approaching so quickly. Having a set schedule makes the days absolutely fly by. I'm already starting to move things out of my current apartment because I leave for Florida next week, come back for a weekend, then leave for New Orleans and will be gone until after my lease is up. I know that I'm going to be really stressed out next week trying to get everything out of my apartment and pack for Florida at the same time! I'll also probably be massively stressed (and hung over) trying to pack for New Orleans the day before I leave and the day after I celebrate my 21st. (Speaking of which, Aug. 5, nighttime, Murphy's. Be there.)
So I've been working as a research assistant in a visual cognition lab at the psych building (for class credit instead of actual pay, unfortunately) and it has been fine besides that fact that people seem to all want to sign up for the same days so I end up doing four or five experiments in a row (and therefore spending four or five hours at a time at the psych building). I've also been working (for money this time) at the History, Philosophy & Newspaper Library. It's the best job ever. I put microfilm in new boxes and shelve books and help people use the microfilm machines and write a lot of emails. It's air conditioned and everyone is really laid back and I love it.

Coming up:
I'm going canoeing next weekend and I'm SO excited!

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